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  • Adesh Kolte

    Adesh Kolte

    Listed in Top 100 most respected hackers in the world by Microsoft at the BlackHat conference in America 2018

  • Sebastian Drygiel

    Sebastian Drygiel

    Senior IT Security Consultant at SecuRing, AI enthusiast

  • Paweł Kuryłowicz

    Paweł Kuryłowicz

    🇵🇱 BlockSec enthusiast | Hackflix Product Lead | Co-author of SCSVS https://securing.github.io/SCSVS/ #BlockSec #DeFi #CBSP #eWAPTX #SCSVS

  • Tomasz Szymański

    Tomasz Szymański

    CEO & SoftwareMill, Scala/Java developer, Community Member

  • Dror Trieman

    Dror Trieman

  • Mateusz Olejarka

    Mateusz Olejarka

    Pentester @ SecuRing

  • Pawel Rzepa

    Pawel Rzepa

    Interested in pentesting and cloud security | OSCP | eMAPT | AWS SAA | AWS CSS

  • Wojciech Dworakowski

    Wojciech Dworakowski

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